WoofBeach – Agility Training Classes – 1840 Mill Street – Batavia – Call 630-326-9277

Sign your dog up for our Dog Agility Training Classes available now at WoofBeach in Batavia!

Agility training enhances the bond between dogs and their owners. The training courses here at WoofBeach are made so that the dog will need the help of their owner to complete them. Since your dog will be relying on hand signals and verbal commands from you, it enhances a trusting relationship.

Plus, agility training is good for dog owners too! As your dog’s handler, you’ll be helping your canine friend over jumps, through tunnels and around poles.

Get started with Dog Agility Training Classes at WoofBeach – call 630-326-9277, contact us online or stop in to learn more about how these enjoyable, informative and affordable classes can benefit your dog. Agility training is helpful for dogs regardless of their size, breed or age!

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