Dog Nail Trimming Batavia

WoofBeach Dog Nail Trimming Batavia, IL

Dog Nail Trimming Batavia IL by the professional grooming staff at WoofBeach will help maintain your dog’s nails at a safe and healthy length! Bring in your canine companion during our walk-in service hours of 10 am to 3 pm or call WoofBeach for an appointment at 630-326-9277.

Dog Nail Trimming Batavia, IL

A task that some dog owners are hesitant to perform due to risk of nicking the veins that grow within their dog’s nails, regular nail trimming is an important part of good pet care. At WoofBeach, we have a well-trained, experienced team that can perform this service painlessly for your dog. Our facility is designed to present a relaxed atmosphere with a beach vibe so both dogs and owners have a pleasant experience with us!

As a general rule of thumb, we recommend that your dog’s nails are due for a trimming when they are just about touch the floor. If you can hear their nails “clicking” on the floor or they’re becoming entangled in carpeting as the dog moves about, bring your pet in to WoofBeach!

The frequency of Dog Nail Trimming Batavia IL can vary depending on the type of dog and their activities. For dogs that spend most of their time indoors and on softer surfaces, they may require a trim as often as once per week. For those canines who spend more time outdoors or walking on rougher surfaces like sidewalks or driveways, a trim will probably be needed less often.








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Dog nail trimming Batavia il is just one of the services we offer during our convenient walk-in hours of 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

We also offer nail grinding, which is simply an alternative method of trimming with the use of an electric grinder instead of clippers.

Dog nail trimming Batavia il

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In addition, you can bring in your dog for ear hair trimming, ear cleaning, a paw pad trim, or teeth brushing. Your dog will be treated with compassion and professional care!