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Showing dogs in conformation simply refers to when they are judged based upon the details of their appearance, movement and structural details according to specific breed standards. When judges evaluate a dog in a competition, they score on things like the dog’s general appearance and muscular development.

Participating in Conformation Training can help improve a dog’s movement by making her more aware of her feet as well as improving the use of her limbs. A dog that understands how to properly move in competition and does so fluidly can “show” in conformation with stronger attributes.

If you are thinking about entering your dog in a dog show, enrolling in a Conformation Class at WoofBeach is an excellent way to get started and gain some familiarity with what occurs in competitions.

Call our Batavia facility today at 630-326-9277 and speak to one of our trainers about how conformation can benefit your dog!

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