Walk-In Services

WoofBeach Walk-In Services

WoofBeach offers walk-in services that require no appointment 10am-3pm.

If you’re in the area and need to get your dog looking great stop on in! 10am-3pm

Our walk-in services include:

Nail Trims

Why fight with your dog and risk cutting too close to the vein.  Let the experienced professionals at WoofBeach trim your dog’s nails. They promise to be gentle and never cut too close to the vein.

Ear Cleaning

Cleaning your dog’s ears is an essential part of their health and hygiene. It can however be a challenge for most dog owners to adequately clean without causing injury.  WoofBeach’s professionals have years of cleaning experience.  They can accomplish the task quickly and more importantly safely.

Paw Pad Trim

Proper maintenance of your dog’s paw pads is essential to your dog’s health and comfort.  During the summer dirt and debris can get trapped between your dog’s paw pads.  In the winter times ice crystal balls can form causing great discomfort.  The solution is to carefully trim the inter-digital hair between the pads and in some cases the pads themselves need to be cared for.  The professionals at WoofBeach have the knowledge and experience necessary to ensure your dog has health paws.

Nail Grinding

Nail grinding is another method of reducing the size of your dogs nails.  This is accomplished by using and electric grinder that safely and effectively reduces the size of your dogs nail by grinding them down as apposed to clipping them.

Ear Hair Removal

To help insure the health of your dog, it is essential to insure that your dog’s ear hair is a proper length.  Serious problems can occur is the hair in a dog’s ear canal becomes too long.  It can cause pain and lead to infection.  Sometimes groomers may come across weeds and other organic matter, which will immediately needs to be removed, while checking the ear hair.

Teeth Brushing

Humans brush their teeth and it is essential that dog’s teeth are brushed as well.  This can help to reduce tarter and is a great opportunity to inspect the dogs teeth for potential problems.  Who better to check and brush your dog’s teeth than a WoofBeach professional.