Dog Teeth Brushing Batavia

WoofBeach Dog Teeth Brushing Batavia, IL

At WoofBeach we offer Dog Teeth Brushing Batavia IL and a number of other excellent dog care services during our walk-in hours of 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. No appointment necessary!

Dog Teeth Brushing Batavia, IL

Good dental hygiene is important for your dog’s overall health. Dog Teeth Brushing Batavia IL is a safe and effective procedure that not only reduces tarter and freshens your dog’s breath, but it also gives our groomers the opportunity to inspect your dog’s teeth for other potential issues that may need treatment later on.

Believe it or not, but according to the American Veterinary Dental College, dental disease, also termed as “pet periodontal disease,” is among the most common ailments seen in adult dogs.

A high percentage of dogs can even have the disease by the time they reach the age of just three or four years old. When left untreated, pet periodontal disease can lead to chronic pain, erosion of your dog’s gums, teeth and bones, and result in even more serious problems later on in the dog’s life.








Done Correctly

Essential Part of Your Pet’s Well-Being

The woofbeach team has many years of experienced in dog teeth brushing Batavia il and will perform this helpful service with a patience and care that will leave your dog feeling better and refreshed!

Stop in and see how woofbeach was created with a “beach vibe” that sets our clients at ease – stop in and visit us any time or just call to schedule an appointment at 630-326-9277.

Dog Teeth Brushing Batavia

Healthy Dog Equals Happy Dog

Along with our canine dental cleanings, there are plenty of other walk-in services at WoofBeach that will keep your dog feeling and looking good.

We offer nail trims, nail grinding, dog ear cleaning, dog ear hair removal, and dog paw pad trims too! Visit us in Batavia at 1840 Mill Street, or visit our other stores in Geneva and South Elgin.