Employment Opportunities at WoofBeach Cove in Batavia

WoofBeach is a great place to bring dogs for excellent grooming, training, and boarding services. It’s also a great place to work! If you love dogs and you’re interested in joining the staff here at the Fox Valley’s premier dog care facility, stop in or call us at 630-326-9277 to learn more about our job opportunities. Working with the wide variety of dog breeds that we care for at WoofBeach is a rewarding job that provides an important service for our clients. Here’s a quick look at the specialized, professional services our valued employees perform every day:

Dog Grooming: bathing, brushing, and trimming performed by our groomers keeps our canine clients looking and smelling good. We also perform nail trimming, ear cleaning and ear trimming – which are all important to a dog’s general health. Tooth brushing, another service we offer, is essential for removing tartar build-up and for maintaining consistent dental health.

Dog Training: A well-trained pet is generally more enjoyable, easier to control and forms a strong, lasting bond with their owner. When dogs are difficult to handle, their owners simply won’t get as much satisfaction from having the dog around – that’s where the training solutions available at WoofBeach comes in. Some of the behavioral problems we treat include: aggressiveness, excessive barking, counter surfing (when dogs help themselves to “people food” by taking food off the dinner table), excessive chewing, and separation anxiety. Through the basic obedience and advanced obedience classes we have at WoofBeach, we help solve these troublesome dog habits and improve the lives of pets and their owners!

Dog Boarding: when dogs need a safe and comfortable place to stay while their owners are out of town, WoofBeach is the solution. We offer 24/7 care that makes our canine guests feel right at home. WoofBeach employees are the key to our top-notch boarding services!

Learn more about employment opportunities at WoofBeach – we are located at 1840 Mill Street in Batavia. WoofBeach also has locations in Glen Ellyn, South Elgin, and Geneva.