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Socialization for puppies is critical for ensuring your new furry companion will grow into a well-balanced, adult dog who makes for pleasant company. Puppy Socialization Class at WoofBeach teaches your puppy that it’s a lot fun to make friends, exercise and interact with other dogs. Dogs who are adequately socialized are excellent canine citizens!

Comfortable in New Situations – Puppy Socialization Classes

Dogs who don’t have much experience socializing can be fearful in unfamiliar situations such as going to a new place or meeting new people. After socializing classes, it will be easier to take your pup to the park, go on walks or go to appointments at your veterinarian.

Dogs who spend some time exercise and interacting with other dogs and humans tend to lead healthier lives than those who don’t. At socialization class at WoofBeach, your puppy will have plenty of playtime with other puppies while under the supervision of our experienced trainers.

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