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Batavia Dog Care and Dog Training Tips

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A well-trained dog is simply a pleasure to have as a part of the household. Optimally, your dog’s training should begin when he or she is a puppy and has not yet had much time to develop bad habits. But it is still never too late to start learning – even older dogs can learn a new trick or two! Reward based dog training is a method that’s based upon the idea that if the dog is rewarded for a behavior, the dog becomes more likely to repeat that behavior. A fun part of Batavia Dog Care and training, reward can be a tasty treat, a toy or simply some praise and attention.

Rewards To Reinforce Positive Pup Behaviors

When dog training first starts, food rewards are typically recommended because they yield quicker results than verbal praise or petting. Edible rewards should be relatively small in size and varied in terms of flavor so your dog does not become too used to them. Once your pet has learned a behavior, food rewards can progressively be replaced with praise and attention.

Batavia Dog Care – Instructing Your Dog To Come When Called

Teaching your pet to come when called is among the most basic and important things they’ll ever learn. When practicing this at first, use a safe and enclosed area like your backyard. It’s a smart practice to use a long leash until you’re confident your dog will return back to you in a safe manner.

Call your dog’s name to get his or her attention, then, once your dog looks at you, simply say “come” in an uplifting tone. Take a step or two backwards and lure your dog towards you with the help of a food reward. When your dog does come to you grant the reward and use lots of praise.

Batavia Dog Care – Teaching Your Dog To Sit On Command

While your dog stands nearby, hold a food treat just over their nose and wave it back over their head. The idea is for the dog to follow the treat with their nose. This will automatically encourage the dog to lower their back end to the ground. As soon as they do this, reward the dog with the treat. Once your dog sits each time you do this activity with a treat, be sure to say “sit” and reward with praise as you gradually phase out the treats.

Batavia Dog Care – Teach Your Dog To Stay

With your dog on a leash, put him in the sitting position. Tell him to “stay” and then take one step backwards. After pausing for a moment, step back towards your dog and grant a reward. Progressively increase the distance each time you step backwards and take a longer pause before returning and granting a reward.

Batavia Dog Care – Walking Your Dog On A Loose Leash

To train your dog to walk along steadily on a loose leash you’ll want to work with him and remain consistent each time. If you permit your dog to strain and pull on the leash even occasionally, it can make instruction difficult.

Start to walk and prompt your dog to come along with you using the “heel” command. Verbally praise your dog whenever he’s walking beside you at a comfortable pace and grant food rewards to encourage this positive behavior. If the dog start pulling, stop moving and encourage him to come back near you.
Remember, the key to teaching a dog to walk successfully on a leash is to never permit him to move ahead when the leash is tight.

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