Batavia Dog Nail Trimming at WoofBeach – 1840 Mill Street – 630-326-9277

There is a direct connection between a dog’s nails and his or her health – it’s why we provide affordable nail trimming as part of our walk-in services.

Batavia Dog Nail Trimming

Batavia Dog Nail Trimming

There are multiple benefits to bringing your pet in to WoofBeach for regular Batavia Dog Nail Trimming including:

Comfort. Naturally, the length of a dog’s nails impacts how comfortable they are while walking and running. When a dog’s nails get too long, they’ll start to push against the ground – which you’ll hear if your home has wood or tile flooring. Dogs typically walk and run upon their toes, which is known as “digitigrade” walking. Once a dog’s nails become overgrown, they can start to actually curve around and press uncomfortably into the animal’s paw pads. This can cause difficulty in walking and running. To compensate, the dog may try to rest their weight back on the paws to alleviate the discomfort.
The problematic result of this can cause an unnatural posture for the dog, with a gait that puts too much pressure or strain on the joints. This can also result in loss of balance for the dog.

Avoid damage to flooring, bedding. If your canine companion’s nails are too long, you may start to notice scratch marks on your floors and carpets – also you’ll start to hear the telltale “clicking” sounds as your dog walks around your house. Long nails can get caught in carpeting, which can cause tearing. When your dog is asleep, his or her claws can also tear up bedding materials.

Avoid scratches for owners, visitors. Overgrown nails can easily cause painful scratching for dog owners or household guests. Additionally, dogs can harm themselves when scratching their own ears if their nails are too long.

Bring your four-legged pal into WoofBeach during our walk-in service hours for affordable Batavia Dog Nail Trimming. We’ll take great care of your pet and he or she will feel right at home with us!