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Regular care throughout the year for your canine friend’s paw pads is essential for their general health. During the winter season, it’s not unusual for small ice crystals to accumulate in between a dog’s pads and cause discomfort. During the summer time, the same thing can occur when dirt and debris gets stuck in between the pads. For affordable solutions simply bring your pet to WoofBeach and have our groomers provide Batavia Dog Paw Pad Care that will keep your pet happy and comfortable. We can thoroughly and gently clean your dog’s paws and trim the fur that grows in between the pads to assure comfort.

Batavia Dog Paw Pad

Here are a few fun facts that you may not know about your pup’s feet and Batavia Dog Paw Pad Care:

*Dog paws consist of the claws, the digital paw pads, a metacarpal pad, the dewclaw and the carpal pad.
*A dog’s digital and metacarpal pads function as a kind of shock absorbers to help shield the bones and joints. Carpal pads are the “brakes” that help the dog on slippery surfaces or steep inclines.
*Paw pads contain a tough layering of fatty tissue that serves to insulate the animal’s interior foot tissues against heat and cold – similar to how blubber serves to protect whales. Paw pads offer additional protection against rough surfaces like dirt or gravel. Dogs that spend a lot of time outdoors
generally tend to develop thicker paw pads, while those dogs that spend more time inside and walk about on smooth surfaces tend to have softer paw pads.
*The interior skin layers on paw pads have sweat glands that conduct perspiration towards the exterior layers. This helps cool down a warm dog. Paws also can emit moisture if a dog gets anxious or feels stress.

Batavia Dog Paw Pad Care is just one of the walk-in services we provide – visit WoofBeach for grooming, nail trimming and more!