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Batavia Dog Teeth Brushing

Batavia Dog Teeth Brushing

Here’s a quick look at why it’s so important to bring your dog to WoofBeach for regular Batavia Dog Teeth Brushing:

*Many dogs – regardless of their breed – will develop some degree of a periodontal disease by the time they are two or three years of age. This is basically defined as an inflammation that affects the structures that support the dog’s teeth like the roots, gums, bones surrounding the roots and the periodontal ligaments that secure the roots to the animal’s jawbones.

*Similar to what occurs in the mouths of people, a bacterial filmy substance can start to form on the surface of dog’s teeth. If too much time passes between Batavia Dog Teeth Brushing appointments
that film can start to harden into a layer over the animal’s teeth. With time, multiple layers will accumulate and result in an unpleasant gunk on your dog’s teeth that is called plaque.

*It can often be difficult to known if a dog is experiencing pain due to a dental issue. There may be clues, however, such as if the dog stops playing with chew toys, avoids their dog kibble and only eats softer, canned dogs foods or starts to rubs their faces as if something is irritating them. If you’re noticing that your dog has developed bad breath and their teeth are getting brown, don’t hesitate to visit us for Batavia Dog Teeth Brushing.

Maintaining effective dental hygiene is among the most important aspects of your dog’s general wellness. Teeth brushing for dog’s a very safe, painless and effective process that reduces tarter and refreshes your dog’s breath. It also allows our dog groomers the chance to take a close looks at your pet’s teeth for other dental issues that may call for treatment down the road.