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Batavia Dog Training

Batavia Dog Training

Some of the main benefits of enrolling your dog in basic or advanced obedience Batavia Dog Training courses at WoofBeach include:

A closer bond between dog and owner. Research shows that owners with well-behaved pets are more satisfied and tend to have a closer connection. Having a dog that is obedient responsive simply means you will obtain more pleasure from owning your dog and the time you share together.

Easy canine management. At WoofBeach, our obedience classes can teach basics like sit, drop and stay. These will enable you to handle your dog a lot easier. Better dog management means they are easier to control and be a valuable part of your household. Things as basic as greeting visitors calmly without jumping on them, coming when called or walking properly on a leash are all behaviors your dog can master in our obedience classes.

Socialized, friendly dogs. Socialization is an important part of a dog’s life. Learning how to react to other dogs is an essential life skill needed if your pet is to get along with other canines. Even if your dog does not get out often to interact with other dogs it is still important that they develop social abilities. Your dog will probably come across other dogs on walks, vet appointments or if they board with us here at WoofBeach if you go out of town, so it’s very useful if he or she is accustomed to other pets.

In addition to our obedience courses, we also have agility training courses for your dog. Some of the benefits include:

Agility fulfills a dog’s natural instincts. Out in the wild dogs are hunters by nature, chasing after a variety of different prey. While in pursuit dogs must frequently chase after squirrels, rabbits or foxes through dense forest and contend with multiple barriers. Their instincts entail actions such as leaping over fallen branches, climbing steep inclines or squeezing through thick vegetation. Because the end goal is to chase down their prey, time is important and the quicker a dog runs the higher their chances of seizing that satisfying meal. Batavia Dog Training agility courses are made to replicate these kinds of natural situations and fulfill your dog’s the hunter/pursuer instincts.

Agility training is good exercise. Agility is a fine way to expend your dog’s extra energies. Running through an agility course that entails jumping over and through a range of different obstacles will pose a fun challenge to your dog. Enrolling your pet in agility Batavia Dog Training will help make him or her stronger, improve coordination and develop endurance.

Agility training helps dog owners get in shape too! As your dog’s handler, you’ll be running right alongside your pet, and assisting with leaping over barriers, weaving back and forth through obstacles or crawling under tunnels. While you and your pet run through the Batavia Dog Training course you’ll be treated to an excellent cardio workout.

Agility enhances the bond between dog and owner. Agility Batavia Dog Training courses are designed so that dogs would generally not be able to successfully finish them without assistance from their handler. Because the dog must depend on spoken instructions or hand signaling from their handler in order to move through an agility course, the connection between owner and pet is enhanced. Assisting your dog to successfully pass around, over and through agility barriers in Batavia Dog Training courses will also serve to strengthen their basic obedience skills, improve their understanding of commands and even help to improve your pet’s behavior patterns.

Call WoofBeach today if your dog has behaviors that you would like to correct such as excessive barking, chewing shoes or furniture, jumping on visitors or not coming when called. Our Batavia Dog Training courses can remedy those common problems – and your dog will have fun at the same time!