WoofBeach – Group Obedience Classes – 1840 Mill Street – Batavia – Call 630-326-9277

If you are looking for professional training to help your dog improve on basic skills in a welcoming, pleasant environment along with fellow dog owners, consider enrolling in our Group Obedience Classes at WoofBeach.

In Group Obedience, our experienced trainers will help dogs and their human companions strengthen practical skills like sit, stay, heel, place and come. An important benefit of the class is that it will help you
correct problems like pulling too hard on the leash or jumping on visitors. Group Obedience is a good forum where dogs learn to socialize with other dogs in new surroundings. It’s enjoyable for you too because you’ll meet other dog owners and be able to share experiences and learn new dog handling skills together. This informative, rewarding class is ideal for dogs who have already completed basic obedience training classes.

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