Scent Classes

WoofBeach – Scent Classes – 1840 Mill Street – Batavia – Call 630-326-9277

Dogs utilize their very powerful sense of smell constantly to process their surroundings. They are acutely aware of scents and process them with far greater accuracy than humans are capable of doing.

Scent Classes

Watching your pup put their nose to work can be very entertaining, while also improving your own observational skills and providing a clearer understanding of your furry pal.

It’s also fun to provide your dog with a controlled, safe environment where he can utilize his natural hunting instincts while you learn new ways of communicating with him. Participating in Scent

Training Class at WoofBeach is a great experience for dogs and their owners. It helps to build your canine’s confidence while strengthening the bond you share.

Although scent training can prepare your dog for competition, your dog can still take part to simply improve their skills and get exercise!

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