Zach (Trainer)

Zach (Trainer) Hello! My name is Zach, I am a trainer here at Woofbeach. Ever since I was little dogs and there behavior has been a passion. Everything I have learned and am continuing to learn about dog training have come from my teachers Eric and Austin. I have experience in the field of advanced

David (Apprentice Trainer)

David (Apprentice Trainer) Hi! I’m David, one of the trainers at Woofbeach. Throughout my life, my biggest passion was singing–that is, until I adopted my dog Ziggy and had her trained at Woofbeach Palms in Geneva. After I saw the results I knew I had to be a part of the magical process. Before working

Austin (Trainer)

Austin (Trainer) My name is Austin. I’ve always loved working with animals of all kinds, but dogs are my passion. My interest in dogs led me to Woofbeach, where I live my dream every day training dogs. Before my employment at Woofbeach, I earned my associates degree at Waubonsee Community College. All of my knowledge